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Fort Collins Home Automation Experts You Can Trust.

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Technology can be a great help to your busy life. However, the complexity of technology can border on overwhelming at times. Our goal at Encore Sight and Sound is to help you master the technology in your home and create an environment which is fun, exciting, and stimulating to your imagination.

At Encore, we stay on the cutting edge of home technologies. Our training and education is ongoing, and our staff members have been trained and attained professional certifications from CEDIA, THX, the Residential Integrators School, Control4, Panasonic, and several other manufactures/industry leaders. We also have instructors who are certified in custom electronic systems for a variety of industry partners, among which are the American Institute of Architects, the National Association of Home Builders, and a number of other industry organizations.

Contact us today to start making technology work for you, in your home, today. We want to help you maximize your enjoyment of your home. Give us a call today at 970-217-7018.

Make technology work for you!

Contact us today to start making technology work for you, in your home, today. We want to help you maximize your enjoyment of your home.

How to Completely Transform Your Home Theater Quality

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Speaker Calibration

Designing a home theater involves more than just choosing the best speakers and screens available and plugging them in. Sound quality, specifically, can be affected in a lot of ways depending on the room you’re in, the speakers you’re using, and where you place them. A big mistake we see in home theater designs is that people don’t take the time to calibrate their speakers properly.

What you’ll end up with is muffled, unbalanced sound that can quickly ruin any movie-watching experience. That’s why it’s so important to work with a certified dealer that will know the perfect settings to get you crisp, robust, and smooth sound in your Greely, CO home theater.

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Take the Movie-Watching Experience into Your Own Hands

A Professional Home Theater Offers a Better Alternative to Commercial Ones

Remember the last time you were in a commercial movie theater? Most likely there was something about the experience you didn’t quite enjoy. Having to wait in line, deal with bland popcorn, and patrons interrupting the movie is no fun.

But regardless of these complaints, when many clients reach out to us for a home theater installation in Fort Collins, CO, they have the same request: Make it as good as a commercial theater.

Really, they’re talking about the sound and image quality they expect — not recreating the entire experience (there’s a reason they want to bring that home). Our response: Why settle?

Usually, the allure of a theater is its size. But in a smaller setting, it’s actually easier to optimize AV components to give you a much better experience than you’d get in a commercial one.

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How to Choose Between Wireless and Wired Audio Solutions

Find a Solution That Fits in With Your Practical and Stylistic Needs

Do you like to have music in the background at all times? Do you want to be able to pull up your favorite artists at the press of a button? If you answered yes, then installing a whole house audio solution is a no-brainer.

Figuring out what that setup should look like in your Rapid City, SD home is a different story. As wireless sound systems rise in popularity, many of our clients are wondering if they might be a better option than typical hardwired solutions.

In this blog, we’re going to highlight the benefits of both systems and showcase how a professional installation lets you take advantage of both.

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