Home Theater Cabling Fort Collins

Home Theater Fort Collins.  Are the high dollar cables worth the extra money. Salesmen will tell you that they are. But many tests have proven time and again that this is just not true. However cable gauge and length do matter when it comes to longer cable runs. When...

Fort Collins Home Theater Room

Home Theater Fort Collins. What is the most important component in a home theater sound system? If you said the room, then you are correct. This has been an area of much discussion and research. I have attended many hours of expensive training on this subject. Here,...

Tv and Home Theater Fort Collins

Home Theater Fort Collins. One of the most common questions we hear is if it really helps to calibrate your TV. To this we answer an unqualified yes, for a number of reasons. The aim of calibration is to set your TV to display the video content in the manner which the...
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Tour the Best Home Theater in Northern Colorado

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