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Fort Collins Home Automation Experts You Can Trust.

Fort Collins Home Automation Experts You Can Trust.

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Technology can be a great help to your busy life. However, the complexity of technology can border on overwhelming at times. Our goal at Encore Sight and Sound is to help you master the technology in your home and create an environment which is fun, exciting, and stimulating to your imagination.

At Encore, we stay on the cutting edge of home technologies. Our training and education is ongoing, and our staff members have been trained and attained professional certifications from CEDIA, THX, the Residential Integrators School, Control4, Panasonic, and several other manufactures/industry leaders. We also have instructors who are certified in custom electronic systems for a variety of industry partners, among which are the American Institute of Architects, the National Association of Home Builders, and a number of other industry organizations.

Contact us today to start making technology work for you, in your home, today. We want to help you maximize your enjoyment of your home. Give us a call today at 970-217-7018.

Make technology work for you!

Contact us today to start making technology work for you, in your home, today. We want to help you maximize your enjoyment of your home.

Enhance Your Home Theater with These Innovative Features

Your entertainment setup greatly impacts how you’re going to enjoy your favorite films and TV series. You want to feel comfortable and relaxed, while also watching your media in the highest quality possible.

That’s why a home theater installation is essential for your Windsor, CO living space. Take your home entertainment up a notch and make every viewing experience one to remember. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can enhance your home cinema in a variety of ways, from the audio video features to the seating and décor – all with the help of our team at Encore Sight & Sound.

Want to learn more? Just keep reading on below.

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Take Your Home Theater to the Next Level

Install a Control4 System for the Ultimate Level In Automation

Do you already have a home theater setup? Then you’re already enjoying the pleasures of the large screen and the high-quality sound that immerses you in your entertainment. But sometimes home theater systems get complicated.

Do you have a projector that needs to turn on and warm up? Do you have issues switching your home theater amp to the right input and sound format depending on what you’re watching? Do struggle to get the lights just to your liking when you’re settling down for a movie – or watching a football game? Does your room have windows that let in too much light for movie watching?
Typically, there are a set of things you need to do to get the environment just right for the entertainment. If you are currently doing all those things manually – dealing with multiple remote controls, turning lights on and off, and adjusting window treatments – you are missing out on making your experience far more comfortable and relaxing.

What’s the answer? More than just a universal remote for the audio-video system, you can turn your Fort Collins home theater or media room into a marvel of synchronized mechanization by installing a Control4 smart automation system. To see what a Control4 system can do for your home theater – and more – just keep reading.

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What is it Like to Work With a Smart Home Integrator?

Work With Professionals for Your Fort Collins, CO Smart Home Automation System

If you’re considering a smart technology upgrade for your Fort Collins, CO home, there are two primary avenues for you to take. One is to go the DIY route with one-size-fits-all smart home products from Amazon, Google, and other tech juggernauts, but those aren’t customized to your unique needs and don’t offer any assistance in terms of creating a comprehensive smart home automation system. Working with a smart home integrator like Encore Sight & Sound is the best option for creating a system that meets all of the demands of your family with minimal hiccups, and this blog breaks down the benefits of working with a team of professionals to optimize your smart home. Keep reading to learn more.

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