November 22, 2019

Enhance Your Home Theater with These Innovative Features

Create a Comfy and Inviting Space to Enjoy Your Favorite Films and Shows

Your entertainment setup greatly impacts how you’re going to enjoy your favorite films and TV series. You want to feel comfortable and relaxed, while also watching your media in the highest quality possible.

That’s why a home theater installation is essential for your Windsor, CO living space. Take your home entertainment up a notch and make every viewing experience one to remember. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can enhance your home cinema in a variety of ways, from the audio video features to the seating and décor – all with the help of our team at Encore Sight & Sound.

Want to learn more? Just keep reading on below.

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Screens & Projectors

Your audiovisuals are a huge component of your viewing. Feeling immersed and a part of the action is crucial. For your theater installation, you’ll need a high-fidelity TV screen or projector to display your movies’ most integral scenes and every scene in between.

Instantly lower your 4K projector from the ceiling once you’re ready to start your next movie marathon or TV show binge. Its accompanying screen will lower too, and you’ll soon be captivated by a crystal-clear, vivid display that is four times the resolution of a standard projector. The same goes for a 4K TV flat screen. These screens can also lower from the ceiling or can raise up out of furniture you might have in the theater, all with a press of a button.

Want to give your theater a less traditional appearance, and create a relaxing, multi-purpose space? Your flat screens can hide behind artwork with a panel that slides over the screen itself. The same goes for mirror screens; there are so many ways to enhance your entertainment space’s interior design and functionality simultaneously.

High-End Audio

A film or show’s sound is a major part of the entertainment experience. The critical dialogue or chilling background music and sounds can transport you to the media’s setting immediately. You need high-end audio equipment to take you there every time.

Standing loudspeakers combined with in-wall ones placed throughout the theater space create a surround sound setup that delivers audio directly to your ears, and everyone else’s in the room.

In-ceiling speakers even make it feel like a helicopter is flying right over your head, while your other speakers create the illusion that you’re standing on a crowded sidewalk or in the middle of an on-screen battle. Your sound can make or break a film for you – which is why having speakers that produce only high-fidelity, clear audio is key.

You might opt for just loudspeakers to create a more traditional look, or instead take advantage of your hidden in-wall speakers to have audio that is heard but not seen. Either way, you’re sure to experience impeccable audio that rivals or surpasses even your local cinema’s.

Comfy Seating

A movie or show’s audio video innovative features can be incredible, but if you’re craning your neck or are stiff the entire runtime, then what’s the point of watching in the comfort of your own home?

Your home theater’s seating is not to be forgotten in your installation. Finding the right design is a vital part of the process. Choose a preset design or custom-make one to fit your theater’s theme and setup. Seats can mimic a drive-in’s car or look like a prop from your favorite franchise. The options are endless – and so are the fabrics and materials to choose from.

Our team of experts recommends a non-sound absorbing material, like leather, that is comfortable and won’t mess with your space’s acoustics. It’s best to place your seats in the “sweet triangle” – between your front left and right speakers, if possible. This way, you can ensure everyone sitting is getting the optimal view and audio.

Want to learn more about a home theater installation for your cinema and how you can enhance your space? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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