January 11, 2010

Denver Home Theater

Home Theater Denver. Many people are surprised to discover the impact that the room has on the sound one experiences in a home theater.  It has often been said that the room is the most important component in the design and creation of a home theater.  The impact of the shape and acoustic treatment of the room must be accounted for in order to create the best possible audio, regardless of the equipment used for audio reproduction.

The dimensions of the room can contribute to the overall sound of the room.  How reverberant the room is a critical component in the design of the room.  When dealing with room reverberation, one of the overlooked factors is that most sound absorption materials only absorb down to 500Hz.  The bass and low midrange frequencies also need to be dealt with.

If you are thinking about creating a theater room, Encore Sight and Sound would love to help you create the best possible environment.  Give us a call today and we will be glad to come out to your home and consult with you about the possibilities at your home.  We are THX Level II certified, and have a great deal of experience in home and pro audio which will help you create the perfect soundscape for your home theater.

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