December 26, 2019

Home Theater Company Lists 3 Exciting Upgrades for 2020

New, Innovative Solutions for Your Entertainment this New Year

Elevating your home entertainment can take your regular movie nights and transform them into immersive, nights-to-remember – every time. That’s why as we step into 2020, we made a list of the new, innovative smart AV solutions you can bring to your cinema or media room this upcoming year.

As the premier home theater company in Fort Collins, CO, you can rely on our expertise and recommendations, and know you’re getting the best of the best. Below, we dive into the top awards from the Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA), so you can decide which screens and audio equipment are the right fit for your entertainment space.

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Best Premium OLED TV: LG OLED65E9

An OLED TV’s self-illuminating pixels bring a brand-new display experience to your home entertainment. LG’s Dolby Vision-enabled OLED TV comes in at 65 inches. Its 4K HDR and “picture on glass” design brings a lifelike image to the screen, just as its second-generation Alpha 9 processing engine provides AI Brightness and Dynamic Tone Mapping to deepen blacks, enrichen colors, and illuminate every detail. This is what this OLED TV does for every viewing! The high-quality doesn’t stop there though, as this LG TV has Dolby Atmos playback, AI sound processing, and room optimization that ensures you hear the audio in your space the way it was meant to be heard.

Best 8K TV: Samsung QE82Q950R

You know that 4K TVs provide stunning visuals – but have you heard of what 8K can do for you? Not as much media content is available in 8K yet, but what is ready now goes above and beyond what you’ve ever experienced while watching a movie or show. This 8K TV has a native 7680x4320 pixel display, boasting four times the detail and pixels of a 4K Ultra HD display.

Play your beautiful 8K content or, with AI upscaling, convert any HD or 4K content to fit its 82-inch display. Its LED backlight and bespoke local dimming engine deliver precise HDR performance, and its QLED panel brings maximum color volume to the table. Ultra Viewing Angle technology lets you see what’s happening on the screen no matter where you’re standing – far off to the side or right up in front of the screen. Prepare for the future with this incredible 8K TV.

Best Home Theater Projector: BenQ CinePrime W5700

For a home cinema lists setting, a projector can truly immerse you in the movie or show. For superb color accuracy, attention to detail, and an HDR playback that stuns and impresses – this BenQ projector is also flexible with its installation exciting upgrades.

Its 4K, 11-element all-glass lens showcases incredibly sharp and crisp images. Its 1.6x zoom gives it an expansive throw ratio, with its vertical and horizontal lens shift guaranteeing you’ll get accurate image alignment. Dim the lights and envelop yourself in crystal-clear video as this projector’s anti-reflective matte cassis and patterned lens ring absorb any stray light. View your media how it should be seen.

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