February 6, 2015

3 Tips For Designing Your Home Theater

Designing the Perfect Home Theater

With your imagination, it could be fun designing your home theater. But still, there are things that you have to consider in building home theater, especially that there are possible limitations such the space and budget. For the Best Buy show room, here are tips in designing your home theater system for maximum sound calibration, design and convenience.

Before you proceed to the theme and additions, you need to select a spare room that makes a good place for your home theater.   Make sure that the space is ideal enough for the home theater components such as the speakers, furniture and everything.  In choosing for the theme, most people usually adhere to movies. If you are not clear with your themes, you can seek for local library and check out for home theater themes.

After your theme comes the decors. Say for instance, if your preferred theme is all about sport, you might want to collect pictures of your favorite sports personality. For sound calibration, other decors such as panels and simple frames   that act as insulation. You should also get heavy curtain for the screen covering when the component is not in used.  In addition to these decors, you can also have some personal addition provided that it will not maximize the efficiency of your home theater system.

The first sets of furniture that you need to choose are the seats. You have to make sure that your home theater should complement with the decors and the theme.  In this way, you could have a comfortable seating position while you are at the peak of enjoying maximum sound calibration and impressive looking home theater system.  Most importantly, the seats should be located in such a way that you could take a good view of the screen.

For a home theater, the best lighting is typically recessed, which can either be turned off or dimmed.  You can have it built into your ceiling. When you are designing stadium type, you should provide a lighting that goes directly into the platform stair face.  The purpose of this is to help viewer enough lighting prior to the start of the movies.

For your peace of mind, opt for the help of Encore Sight and Sound. We use cutting edge technology in the installation of home theater components and designing the most decent types for sound calibration, convenience, elegance — all in one with impressive home theater experience.

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