April 22, 2019

3 Ways Multi-Room Audio Enhances the Way You Listen to Music

Many of us take care to improve our well-being—we try to exercise, eat well, and take vitamins. But did you know that enjoying music in your home has proven benefits for your relationships and mental health?

In a 2016 study, neuroscientist Daniel Levitin observed 30,000 music listeners and 30 households with and without music in their home. The results were impressive: with music on, housemates spent four and a half more hours together and were 85% more likely to invite guests over. Participants were 15% more likely to laugh and 18% more likely to tell others, “I love you.”

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Knowing this, your audio system should be considered a valuable part of your home. With multi room audio, listening to music throughout your Fort Collins, CO house is easier than ever. But how does whole home audio work, and how will it affect your music habits? Keep reading to discover just how multi-room audio will change the way you listen to music.

  1. You’ll Listen to Music More

Have you ever started listening to a great song in the kitchen while cleaning or getting ready, only to walk away to another room? The sound slowly disappears from your range, and by the time you return to the kitchen, the song or podcast is over, and you’ve missed the moment. One solution to this issue is to wear headphones, but that can interrupt your daily activities.

With multi-room audio, you can walk in and around your house, both indoors and outside, and continue to listen to that momentous song or addictive podcast. Integrated speakers can play the same channel at the same time, so you’ll find yourself keeping music in the background of your life as a constant soundtrack. Music streaming capabilities mean you’ll discover new artists all the time, and with no reason to turn it off when you walk out of the room, you’ll end up listening to music more than ever before.

  1. It Brings You Together

When hosting a get-together, guests can feel disconnected from one another when separated in different rooms. But playing the same playlist over your multi room audio system will bring a sense of unity to the party – like everyone is part of the same conversation. Across your home, family and friends will react together to favorite songs and sing along, and as they walk from different areas, they will not be disturbed by a change of tune. Plus, with the house’s music controlled from one system, guests can play DJ on your tablet or phone and enjoy controlling the party’s music. As we saw in the music study, music brings people together instinctually, so having more speakers and more places to listen will only increase togetherness.

  1. Enables Music Independence

Whole-home audio doesn’t mean you have to listen to the same song in every room. With speakers in all areas of the house, each family member will have the freedom to play what they want. Reggae upstairs, indie folk in the kitchen, hip hop outside—whatever your family prefers. Plus, with a professionally installed audio system, your integrator will help set up audio zones and ceiling speakers so that sound doesn’t overlap from room to room.

Upgrade your Fort Collins, CO home audio system to multi-room connected speakers for the ultimate experience. To learn more, chat with one of our experts at 970-217-7018, fill out our online form, or send us a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.

3 Ways Multi-Room Audio Enhances the Way You Listen to Music

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