August 14, 2018

3 Ways Smart Control Enhances Your Home Theater

Your smart home control system connects technology in your house for streamlined functionality, and your home theater can take advantage of these features to elevate your entertainment. Imagine a universal remote that lets you control lighting, temperature, and air circulation while you browse streaming services and turn up the volume. A smart home control system can do all this and more, making your Rapid City home theater an entertainment oasis that maximizes convenience and comfort.

A home theater installation that keeps smart control in mind ensures that you have the smoothest media experience. Keep reading to find out more about how home automation gives you a more sophisticated, streamlined home theater.

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Consolidate Your Media

How do you watch movies? If you're passionate about cinema, you probably have a Blu-ray player for 4K Ultra HD video. But you also use streaming services and have downloaded movies saved to your computer. A smart home control system allows you to quickly change the video source for your home theater from a single app. And adding media on your computers to a central media server makes it all available to your home theater and any other display in the house.

Reinforce the Ambiance

Unlike the local cinema, your home theater installation is customized to meet your specific expectations for the ideal viewing experience. Your smart home control system takes that customization to a new level, allowing you to adjust the lighting, climate, air circulation, and A/V settings to your exact specifications.

You can save those specific configurations for future reference, too, and with the push of a single of a single button, all of those systems will automatically adjust to those previous settings. If you want to use your home theater to watch sporting events with friends, you can create a more casual scene that is conducive to a party atmosphere. Want to watch a movie after the game? Push a button to get the room back into cinema mode.

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One System, One Remote

Unifying all your technology with a smart home control system eliminates the need for multiple remote controls, giving you access to every device from a single interface. Jumping between apps can be as annoying as juggling remotes, but it’s easy to navigate components in your central control hub.

Touchscreen remotes give you the familiar feel of a traditional remote control, but they have the added functionality of a smart device so you can easily navigate your expansive home network. And if you can’t find the remote, no worries. Just hop on your smartphone or tablet and open an app to regain total control.

Want to learn more about how to integrate smart control into your Rapid City home theater installation? Reach out to one of our experts at 970-217-7018 or by filling out our online form.

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