January 25, 2010

Steamboat Theater Room

Home Theater Steamboat Springs. The room is considered by many experts to be the significant part of a home theater system. Is that true? Absolutely. This is a challenging question and books are written on this subject. I have attended more than 30 hours of training on this subject. I will give a brief summary here and in an article to come.

The one of biggest issues for a home theater system is that of room modes. Bass frequencies, from 20 to 200 hz, are longer than most rooms. Rooms modes are the result of the reflection of these bass frequencies back in the room and mixing with the original wavelength. These frequencies are then canceled or added together in the room.

Home Theater Steamboat Springs. There are several ways to deal with this problem. More important than any other factor is the shape of the room. By designing the right room shape, we can improve the room mode issue. Other ways of dealing with this issue are installing absorptive materials and placing the speakers in the best locations.

In a following chapter, we will look at some other issues which affect a room’s sound.

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