June 28, 2018

4 Ways Whole House Audio Can Enhance Your Activities

Improve Communication and Entertaining with a Comprehensive Sound System

Music is a constant presence in our lives, and it’s easier than ever to listen to whatever song you want at any time or place. Gone are the days of fiddling with cords and separate devices to play a track in one room, and now all it takes is an app and a few taps to have sound playing anywhere in your home.

Whole house audio is a great way of satisfying the music needs of everyone in your family, allowing for configurable, flexible listening options. Read on to find out how these features can enrich the activities in your Greeley, CO home.

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Liven Group Gatherings with Customizable Music

Whether you’re having a few people over or throwing a big party, music is essential to setting the mood and energizing conversation. It’s easy to create a playlist in Tidal or turn on a specific radio station on TuneIn, and the kids can listen to the latest pop songs in one room while the adults play classic rock in the other. You can have different guests take over DJ duties, creating an interactive, personalized playlist that makes people feel more involved in the flow of the event.

Make Outdoor Spaces More Inviting

A whole house audio system means both interior and exterior areas, and playing music outside can considerably amplify the mood and atmosphere of that space. Set up speakers around the grill to keep the tunes pumping during a barbeque, or install waterproof speakers by the pool to play the summer’s hottest songs while cooling off in the water.

Simplify Communication Throughout Your Home

There’s no need to shout when you repurpose your speakers to serve as an HD intercom. You can easily contact anyone in your house from anywhere in your house, which is especially convenient when you’re trying to gather your family for meals or group TV watching.

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Increase Relaxation with a Dedicated Listening Room

Having audio throughout your home is convenient, but there’s still good reason to have a single space dedicated to giving you the highest quality sound. You're always on the go, and having a listening room to sit back and relax is an excellent way to release the stress of the day and engage with music on a deeper level.

You can set up your listening room with free-mounted speakers and custom acoustic treatments for a fully immersive audio experience, and if you do need to step away to handle matters elsewhere in the house, you can easily transfer that sound to your next location.

Whole house audio gives you the opportunity to keep the music moving with you. If you’re interested in improving your Greeley home’s audio system, contact one of our specialists at 970-217-7018 or by filling out our online contact form.

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