February 28, 2019

A Quick Guide to In-Wall Speakers

We’re not telling you about an exciting new technology here. In-wall speakers have been around for many years, and they are a staple of our audio-visual integration business in Cheyenne and the other areas we service throughout Wyoming and Colorado. What is exciting, however, is the sheer breadth of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers (sometimes called architectural speakers) for a wide variety of audio applications in your home.

Whether you are looking for a whole home audio system for background music, powerful sound for your home theater or media room, or even a dedicated listening room for a high-end audio setup, there are in-wall speakers to fit any of those bills. In years past, the selection of speakers was more limited, and the technologies used in them were not as advanced as the technologies in freestanding tower and bookshelf speakers. Today, high-end audio companies have jumped into the built-in speaker market and upped the ante with top quality construction and sound quality. On top of that, vendors who specialize in built-in speakers have also innovated on designs that are easy to install and deliver sound that rivals traditional speakers.

Ready to learn more? We’re going to give you a flavor of what’s available in in-wall speakers for your Cheyenne home.

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Home Theater Speakers

Built-in speakers have been commonly used in home theaters and media rooms for some time, but the sound quality has really come into its own. A case in point is Proficient’s line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Proficient is part of Nortek, a company that owns many highly regarded brands in integrated home audio and automation. The Signature Series is the pinnacle of the line featuring ceiling and in-wall speaker that can be used in the left, center, right, and surround positions for home theaters. The top models feature Kevlar woofers and midrange drivers, similar to what you find in freestanding high-end audio speakers. Other models in the range are ideal for whole house audio, including outdoor weather resistant speakers that can mount on walls or hide in your garden with a rock finish.

Another line we recommend for home theater is Episode architectural speakers. In particular, the 1700 line is built for audiophiles with fiberglass Nomex woofers and pure titanium tweeters. The 900 Series Home Theater line features 4.65-inch ribbon tweeters which are unusual in built-in speakers, and are known for sweet, smooth high-frequency response. All 900 series models feature dual woofers for excellent bass, especially when used in surround positions. Unlike other in-wall speakers, these have a rigid, resonance-free MDF cabinet like freestanding speakers, yet only require a 4-inch depth to mount discreetly in the wall.

Whole Home Audio

If you want excellent sound quality but don't want to see speakers and equipment, you still have many excellent speaker choices. Both of the companies described above have excellent in-wall and in-ceiling models for whole house audio. We're going to add one more favorite brand, RBH. RBH Sound is a boutique speaker company based in Utah – still owned by the founder - that makes highly regarded and reviewed speakers of all types.

The RBH Signature Reference In-Wall Series is an excellent example of high-performance speakers designed to be heard but not seen. Models like the 6100/R feature four reference grade woofers and three tweeters to provide powerful sound, and can handle up to 500 watts of power. Put these in your favorite listening room, and use models from the Visage Series to fill out the rest of your whole house setup with hi-fi sound quality. No matter which models you choose, the paintable grills can be matched to your wall finish to blend seamlessly with your décor.

We’ve only scratched the surface here of what you can do with in-wall and architectural speakers for your home audio installation in Cheyenne. To learn more, reach out to one of our experts by calling 970-217-7018, filling out our online form, or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.

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