December 22, 2015

Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting is a top trend in interior and exterior lighting, but the benefits go far beyond the beautiful ambiance it creates. Here are the top three benefits of LED lighting:

LED light bulbs are incredibly long lasting, with an average lifetime of 100,000 hours. That means that even if you leave your LED light on for eight hours a day, it will still last for 20 years, which is much longer than a traditional light bulb.

LED lights are energy efficient, which means 80%-90% of the energy is turned to light, compared to 20% for incandescent bulbs. With such efficient energy use, LED lights are not only helping the environment, but they also lower your energy bill because you’re not paying for wasted energy.

Unlike traditional light bulbs, LED lights are completely recyclable and free of toxic chemicals, so they help create a greener and more sustainable world.

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