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The Top Home Automation Hacks for Fall Entertaining

With summer slowly coming to an end, you might think that the dwindling summer cookouts and pool parties mean you’ll see less of your friends and family. But as the cooler weather begins to set in, you can still kick your home entertainment up a notch.

A top-notch home control system at your Greeley, CO space can elevate and enhance every event or gathering you host this season. But how can you take advantage of your smart system and really make your get-togethers events to remember?

In this blog, we’ll dive into why this solution is integral to an incredible and memorable fall for you and your guests. Want to find out more? Just keep reading below.

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Filter, Favorite, and Customize with Control4’s New OS 3

Have you heard the news of Control4’s new update? The home automation system recently revealed its all-new OS 3, a sleek new interface that can connect more than 13,500 third-party devices to your smart system. You can use OS 3 on your smartphone, tablet, or touch screen control panel to connect all of your home’s devices from one place. If you’re already a Control4 household or if you’re new to home automation, we’d like to highlight helpful ways to use OS 3 to its fullest and boost your lifestyle. Continue reading to discover how a new Control4 system in your Fort Collins, CO home can save time and add more fun to daily life.

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Essential AV Products to Build Your Dream Home Theater

Going to the movies is fun, but you can always expect a few annoyances: a stranger putting their feet up on the seat; moviegoers on their phones; expensive and sugary food options at the concession stand; and missing the movie while running to the bathroom. With your very own dedicated home theater, you can entertain friends and family in the comfort of your home with any film, food, or intermission you desire.

As the premier home theater installer for Rapid City, SD, we have years of experience building private cinemas. We’ve chosen our top choices for projectors, screens, and a control system, so continue reading to discover the best of the best.

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Control4 OS 3: Packed with Essential Updates

Home automation just received a makeover, and it’s one you won’t want to miss. Control4, our preferred smart home system, recently released its third operating system, aptly named OS 3. If you currently have Control4 installed in your house, or if you’re new to smart home integration, the new operating system offers more intuitive control […]

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The Benefits of a Dedicated Listening Room for The Audiophile in All of Us

If the free earbuds that come with your iPhone don’t cut it for you; if you still buy vinyl; if you only use high-quality cables for your speakers—you may be an audiophile. Even if your music habits are more casual, all music lovers should have a place in their home where tunes can be experienced […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Your First Home Network Installation

When we think of ‘networking’, we typically imagine professionals mingling at a cocktail hour with business cards in hand. Or perhaps we envision connecting with friends on social networks like Facebook or Instagram. Home networks are not so different—essentially, a network installation connects the internet to multiple devices across your property. From there, your devices […]

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Create Dynamic Outdoor Spaces with a Home Control System

The air is warming, the skies are clearing, and soon it will be summer again in Cheyenne, WY. With our few precious months of warm weather a year, it’s best to spend as much time as possible outdoors. We often discuss the ways smart home technology can improve your security, lighting, music and home theaters. […]

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3 Ways Multi-Room Audio Enhances the Way You Listen to Music

Many of us take care to improve our well-being—we try to exercise, eat well, and take vitamins. But did you know that enjoying music in your home has proven benefits for your relationships and mental health? In a 2016 study, neuroscientist Daniel Levitin observed 30,000 music listeners and 30 households with and without music in […]

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Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Home Audio System

We’ve seen it all when it comes to high end audio mistakes—enough to fill a book (or at least a blog post). If you’re considering a new audio system in your Greeley, CO home, you have lots to anticipate. A high-quality whole home audio system will change the way you entertain, relax, and experience music […]

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What You Get With A Professional Network Installation

Home networking seems to be simple. All you need is a router, a modem, an account with an internet service provider (ISP), and you're off to the world wide web. The truth is that the underlying technology - like much of today's products - is very complicated. Beyond switching devices and networking equipment on and […]

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