August 27, 2017

Why Builders Need to Consider Home Automation in Their Projects

With people becoming more and more engrained with their technology, it needs to play an important part in any new constructions. Homeowners want to know how their TVs, music, lighting, climate control, and security will work in their new home. Architects and builders can boost their projects by offering comprehensive technology solutions without having to put up any additional resources or personnel. They can do this by partnering with a technology professional to add home automation systems to their Steamboat Springs, CO projects. Keep reading to learn more!

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What Exactly is Home Automation?

In recent years, homeowners have begun incorporating smart technology devices ranging from thermostats to lighting control. Home automation can bring all of these features together under one umbrella to easily manage them from one mobile app, dedicated touchpad, or elegant keypad on the wall. With intuitive control of all of their technology, clients can streamline their daily routines and cut back on energy costs. A consolidated technology solution gives your clients comfort and peace of mind.

When Should It Be Installed? 

Home automation systems should be installed during construction for a variety of reasons. For one, owners expect new homes to be live-in ready. These days that means they need to accommodate a technology lifestyle as well. Installation will also be cheaper for the end user if it’s started early. By offering them technology packages during installation you can increase your profit margin.

All automation systems rely on a thorough pre-wiring foundation, even if they include various wireless capabilities. A comprehensive system in a luxury home could pull almost 10,000 feet of wire. Pre-wiring is of particular importance for all AV and networking components. The right cabling needs to be in place for everything to work efficiently and the best time to do this is during construction before the drywall has been put up. If any adjustments need to be made in the future, it will require sheet rock removal and result in additional cost and inconvenience.

Finally, the whole point of an automation system is to get the technology to work seamlessly throughout the home. By making technology a part of the conversation from the start, it’s easy to make it fit perfectly with the rest of the space. From wire placement to the type of equipment used, architects and builders can ensure that these systems cover the entire home without becoming an eyesore or inconvenience.

What is the Best Way to Get Started? 

Don’t worry; you don't need to be a smart technology expert to incorporate home automation into your next project. You just need to find the right partner. We can meet with the client to determine what kind of solution makes the most sense for them and come up with a custom design.

Our documentation details exactly where all wiring and equipment will go. Throughout construction, we consult with builders, architects, and electricians to make sure everything is completed on schedule and under budget. If there are any changes, we create as-built documentation, so everyone is always on the same page.

For our automation solutions, we partner with Control4, which has a long history of working with builders. Their systems are designed to be scalable, so with the wiring foundation we create during construction homeowners can expand their system in the future. Control4 is also compatible with thousands of AV, lighting and security companies so clients can incorporate the brands they love most.

Want to learn more about incorporating smart technology into your next project? Feel free to give us a call at 970-217-7018 or contact us online to discuss our custom technology services.

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