August 30, 2018

How Can Control4 Automation Simplify Your Lifestyle?

New smart devices are popping up every day, enhancing the functionality of your home with automated technology that takes care of lighting, climate control, audio video components, security, and an increasing number of other systems. These devices are meant to make your life more comfortable and convenient, but they can be a headache if you don’t have a home control system that unifies all the technology for easy accessibility from a single central interface.

Control4 is a leading name in smart home automation, offering products that give homeowners one-touch control of their smart devices from a single app. As a certified Control4 dealer, Encore Sight & Sound has seen firsthand how this service simplifies the lives of Fort Collins residents, and we have the technical expertise and know-how to install and program a Control4 system that will bring all of your smart technology together.

Read on to learn about how Control4 can boost the performance of your smart home technology.

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Smart Lighting

Lighting control allows you to create a distinct atmosphere for your home, and with Control4, you can make quick adjustments that enrich your interior design. Change brightness and color temperature with the push of a button, and if you have color-changing LED bulbs, you can fill any room with any hue Simplify Your Lifestyle.

With Control4, you’ll be able to set specific scenes that will automatically adjust lights to your exact specifications depending on the occasion. You can also monitor the energy usage of your lights and make changes that will save you money on your next energy bill.

Audio/Video Distribution

Multi-room audio and video lets you access your favorite media from anywhere in your home, and Control4 is the tool that makes that process as smooth as possible. Did you start a TV show in the living room and now want to finish it in bed? Are you having a party and want different music in different rooms? Control4 makes this all possible and more. Your streaming services are all consolidated in the Control4 app, and all of your digital media is added to a shared server so it’s available at the touch of a button.

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Monitor your home and create an automated security system with the help of a Control4 dealer than integrates locks, lights, sensors, and surveillance cameras to give you peace of mind. If someone intrudes on your property in the middle of the night, sensors will automatically turn on landscape lights and send you an alert so you can notify the authorities.

Concerned about leaving your home unoccupied for an extended period while your family is on vacation? Control4 helps you create a “mockupancy” setting that activates lights, motorized window treatments, and even audio/video components so your home appears occupied from the outside.

Want to learn more about what a Control4 dealer can do for your Fort Collins home? Reach out to one of our experts at 970-217-7018 or by filling out our online form.

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