June 13, 2018

What Can You Expect from A Surround Sound Installation?

You’ve decided that you want to put a surround sound system in your home, but what happens next?

Many of our clients come to us with big audio dreams that they don’t know how to make a reality, and we believe that the Expect best way to enter a surround sound installation is by understanding what goes into the process.

Read on to discover the steps we take when giving your Fort Collins-area home an audio upgrade.

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The Investigation

We begin with a basic questionnaire to gauge your level of knowledge.

What are you aware of when it comes to a surround sound installation? What have you personally experienced? What is your budget? Is this for a new construction project or an already completed home?

All of these questions will determine how we proceed, and having a complete idea of your specific vision at the start will guarantee a satisfying final product.

The Test Drive

After the initial discovery conversation, we recommend a visit to one of our completed projects so that you can witness a fully set-up sound system in person.

You don't know what you're signing up for until you see it and hear it for yourself, and we offer both entry-level and high-level rooms to give you a fuller view of what we can do depending on your budget.

These visits often solidify what you’re looking for in your own home, and we use your feedback to decide what system will be the best fit for you.

The Technology

There are a lot of options when it comes to surround sound equipment, and we give you a rundown on the different technology available so you understand how the pieces work together to provide you with the best listening experience.

Subwoofers deliver the impact that makes a system sound lifelike, and multiple subwoofers disperse the sound more evenly. It's not increased volume, but smoother bass response for every seat in the room.

Dolby surround sound comes in a 5- or 7-speaker configuration to immerse you in a soundscape, and Dolby Atmos speakers give designers even more latitude to create realistic audio in a theater room.

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The Design

Now that you know about the technology, it’s time to start designing the room.

This process will go in different directions depending on if this is a new home or transforming an existing room, but we’ll work within your budget parameters and current blueprints to ensure the performance you want.

For a new home, we’ll design a room with the ideal acoustic dimensions and apply a sound treatment that prevents the audio from bleeding out. If you’re planning on upgrading an existing room that doesn’t have the best acoustics, we’ll pinpoint the best locations to put seats and arrange speakers accordingly, giving you get the best possible sound in that space.

The Installation

The planning is done and it's time to start building.

We work with you to make the installation as quick and smooth as possible. New homes are the most straightforward projects, and we make sure that all of the wiring reaches where it has to go while staying out of sight.

Wiring can be tricky in existing rooms if cables can’t reach the equipment, but we’re prepared to make any adjustments needed so that the sound system functions how you want, where you want.

Looking to embark on a surround sound installation project for your Fort Collins home? Begin the journey by contacting one of our specialists at 970-217-7018 or by filling out our online contact form.

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