July 13, 2018

How Can Home Automation Installation Enrich Interior Design?

Smart home automation has changed how we interact with our living spaces, posing new challenges for architects and interior designers that now must integrate this technology into their design concepts.

Some are reluctant to embrace this shift because it requires learning a new set of tools, but home automation technology has significant design benefits that shouldn't be overlooked.

A home automation installation ensures that all your technology is brought together in a cohesive system that amplifies the designer’s vision rather than interrupting it. Read on to learn how smart technology can elevate the enrich aesthetic of your Cheyenne home.


Increase Functionality While Maintaining Visual Flow

Design trends have shifted toward a more organic, natural style when it comes to home décor, and people want their technology to blend into the space seamlessly.

Frame TVs are a prime example of this, encasing 4K TV screens in customizable picture frames. When the TV isn’t in use, these TVs can switch to an art mode that displays a high-resolution image, giving you that chance to customize your hanging artwork for different events, seasons, or just because you want something unique that day.

Smart mirrors are another impressive piece of home automation technology. They bring all the functionality of your smart device to a flat touchscreen console behind your bathroom mirror, changing the way you begin and end your day while also adding a bold, futuristic design element to your bathroom.

These individual pieces of technology are all unified by a smart home control system, giving you easy access to a multitude of devices without needing to juggle remotes. All you need is a smartphone or tablet.

Personalize Each Space

So much of design is about making your home an extension of yourself, and designers are putting together ideas that reflect your perspective and satisfy your needs.

A home automation installation takes that personalization to new heights, adding technology that gives you more control over how a space is used after the construction and decoration have been completed.

Motorized drapes, shades, and blinds become a dynamic design element you can adjust from your smart device. You can program specific scenes that will set a specific temperature and lighting scheme, adjust your blinds, and activate your home entertainment.


Showcase Décor with Smart Lighting

Lighting plays an integral role in interior design, illuminating dark spaces but also setting the mood and drawing attention to key pieces of art and furniture. The entire feel of a room can change depending on how it’s lit, and you gain more control over the atmosphere with smart lighting.

Adjust brightness, positioning, and even the color of your lighting with smart home control.  Automatically program lights to change over the course of the day, that will work with your thermostat and window treatments to keep your house bright while conserving energy.
To learn more about how a home automation installation creates new design possibilities for your Cheyenne home? Contact one of our specialists at 970-217-7018 or by filling out our online form.

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