3 Tips For Designing Your Home Theater

Designing the Perfect Home Theater With your imagination, it could be fun designing your home theater. But still, there are things that you have to consider in building home theater, especially that there are possible limitations such the space and budget. For the...

Home Theater Cheyenne Speaker Wire

Home Theater Cheyenne. Is there really a difference between the expensive speaker wire brands and standard speaker wire? In A/B testing, no consistent difference can be heard. This is not what the speaker wire manufacturers want you to think. The short answer is that...

Home Theater Cheyenne Plasma VS. LCD

Home Theater Cheyenne.  LCD or Plasma, is one better than the other?  Both produce outstanding images.  If you want detailed information do a google search, and you will find all sorts of help.  Here is a brief synopsis. LCD:  They are brighter than plamas.  They use...
Tour the Best Home Theater in Northern Colorado

Tour the Best Home Theater in Northern Colorado

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