February 28, 2018

Change How You Experience Entertainment

If you enjoy listening to crystal-clear music or watching a thrilling film, then you know how important high-end audio is for media.

To create a totally immersive experience, whether you’re jamming out to a new album or watching an action movie, you’ll need the proper surround sound installation.

Bring excellent and high-performance audio to your Cheyenne, WY home today. Read below to see the various speakers you can set up in your entertainment center or media room – and how they’ll completely change your next listening experience.


In-Ceiling Speakers

If you love to hold large dinner parties or events at your home, turning on the right song or playlist can create the perfect welcoming environment.

You’ll need room for everyone to feel relaxed, so in-ceiling speakers are your way to go.

This hidden technology will blend in with your existing decorations and interior design, so you can strategically place them throughout your room to distribute the surround sound.

Whether guests are standing to listen to music or sitting to watch a movie, it won’t matter if they’re directly under a speaker. The speakers use wide-dispersion technology, meaning the sound waves don’t just go in one pinpointed direction.

You’ll be able to give every guest the same auditory experience, every time.

In-Wall Speakers

Just like in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers are concealed, blend well with your decorations, and are perfect for immersive audio.

For movie night, they pair with other speakers, as you can put three in front of a viewer and two in-wall ones on the sides to create a 5.1 surround sound layout.

Placing in-wall speakers in a media or game room is sure to enhance the intensity and make the ideal immersive experience for every viewing or activity – more than just in-ceiling speakers would.

Bookshelf Speakers

If you’re looking for more visible and standard speakers and have cabinets already in place in your space – bookshelf speakers are designed for you.

Bookshelf speakers allow the speakers to fit in furniture or shelves nicely and can also be stylish and add to your room’s aesthetics and décor.

They still deliver top-notch audio, and you’re able to move them throughout the room to create the best surround sound setup for your space.

Standing Speakers

Dedicated listening rooms are meant for standing speakers. To achieve that high-end audio every time you listen to a song or album, you need the best loudspeakers available.

These standing speakers will have a more theatrical and traditional look to them – so your room’s theme can be designed with them in mind.

They take up more space, but they bring excellent, unobstructed sound each time you listen.  Setting them up around a listening room or a private home theater will give you the highest quality of sound imaginable.

Want to learn more about which speakers are best for your surround sound installation?

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