January 25, 2010

Cheyenne Room Theater

Home Theater Cheyenne. The most important component in your home theater sound system is not a speaker or a piece of electronics. It is your theater room. Surprised? Many people often are. But it is true. Countless books have been written on this subject. I have attend many ours of expensive training. Here, and in a following entry, I will give a brief synopsis of the issues involved.

The most critical issue for any home theater system is that of room modes. These room modes occur because the bass frequencies (20-200 hz) are longer than the room dimensions. Therefore these frequencies reflect off of the walls, back into the room, and mix with the original wavelength. When this happens, these bass frequencies will sum or cancel each other, causing peaks or valleys in the bass response in the room.

Home Theater Cheyenne. What can be done about the problem of room modes in home theaters? First, we can install absorptive materials. Second, we can place the speakers in the best position. And most importantly, we can design the room with the best dimensions. More than any other factor, room shape and size can impact the issue of room modes in home theaters.

Check back soon for another article on issues related to the room which affect the sound of the home theater.

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