January 20, 2010

Control 4 and Home Theaters. Cheyenne

Home Theater Cheyenne. Control4 is the solution to the pile of remote controls in your theater room.  Control4 is a home automation company which makes products for small offices/business and the home.  Many people believe that home automation products are pricey and unreliable.  In the past that has certainly been true.  But today Control4 makes a variety of home automation products which are both reliable and affordable.

When you install a Control4 system in your home, you will be able to get rid of that pile of remote controls that clutter and confuse.  Now you will have one remote control which will run your  entire home theater.  The Control4 user interface is so easy to use, that the whole family will find it easy to use.  No more confusing setting inputs and outputs, program modes, etc.  One button press does it all.

With a Control4 system installed, you will have a choice of other features to add, at your discretion.  A Control4 system will also allow you to control you HVAC system, send music and video all throughout your home, control your lighting, view IP cameras, automate your doors and garage door, and much more.  The choice is up to you.

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