January 18, 2014

Control 4

Control 4 is the operating system of your home. You can operate virtually every hard wired device in your home with one remote control. Turn on the lights, open the garage doors, turn up the thermostat and blast music in the other room, all from the couch.

Too many homes have too much clutter because of multiple controls that operate multiple devices. You coffee table was once totally covered with the TV remote, the sound system controls, your disc changer control, etc. But now with Control 4, you do not have to give your living space over the little machines that control all your other machines. Control 4 consolidates everything you could ever need to turn on in your home to one device designed specifically for your home, your needs, and your devices.

Easily and efficiently manage the lights for your bathroom while you take a bath, or control the sound level of the whole house during parties with one touch of a button. With Control 4 and the experts here at Encore, you will turn your house into a pinnacle of luxury technology. We at Encore can design a Control 4 for all of your home needs.

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