May 2, 2017

Control4 and Amazon Alexa: The Perfect Pair

The simple control of smart home automation is one of its biggest selling points. The ability to use smart devices, phones, and tablets to adjust your lighting, shading, climate, and entertainment was a game changer. Now, there are voice control devices, like Amazon Alexa, poised to revolutionize the ways we interact with our home’s technologies. But what are the real-life benefits of this new form of smart home control that you can experience today? This blog is covering 5 commands for your Loveland, CO: The Perfect Pair: home right now. To learn more, continue reading.

“Lock the Door”

Since the team up between Control4 and Amazon Alexa, most any product integrated to your system can be operated with your voice--if you’re in the range of an Alexa-enabled device. That includes your smart door locks. Have you ever gone to bed only to be plagued by a nagging feeling that you forgot to lock the door? With Alexa and Control4, you don’t have to get up, just ask if the doors are locked. If they aren’t, ask Alexa to lock them without messing up your relaxation time.

“Turn Up the AC”

With a smart thermostat integrated into your Control4 system, you have simple control over your heating and cooling. Adding voice control into the mix means it’s even easier. Let’s say you’re hosting a party and with all the extra people in the room, it feels a little warm. You won’t have to find your smart device or go to the thermostat to make the change. Just ask Alexa.

“Turn Off the Lights”

Next time you and the family are settling in to watch a movie, no one will have to get up to turn off the lights. All you have to do is ask Alexa to turn off the lights when your Control4 system includes lighting control. You can even ask her to dim the lights to your exact desired setting right from your seat.

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“Adjust the Volume”

Speaking of watching TV in the evening, doesn’t it always seem that the remote gets lost at the most inopportune moments? Let’s say the phone rings while you’re in the middle of an action movie. You need to turn down the volume but can’t find any of the remotes. When your home’s audio and video is integrated into Control4 system, just ask Alexa to turn down the volume. She can change the channel, turn the TV on or off, or adjust your whole home audio system as well.

“Turn on my House”

Alexa can not only help control individual systems but also multiple devices all at once. When you’re walking in the door, you can say “Alexa, turn on my house,” and your home will automatically fall into your preset specifications. The lights will turn on, the shades will open up to let in the sun, your favorite music will turn on, and the temperature will adjust. You can create these scenes for many everyday activities like waking up and going to bed, or special occasions like parties.

Smart home control just got better thanks to the innovations in voice recognition technology. To learn more about Control4 and voice control, contact Encore Sight and Sound today.

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