January 20, 2010

Control4 and Home Theater Denver

Home Theater Denver. If you have a home theater system, then you may want to investigate Control4.  They specialize in home automation products for the home and small business.  Up to now, home automation products have been exclusively for the high end market.  Not any more.  Control4 products are affordable and powerful.

With a Control4 system, you can do all sorts of things in your home.  In your home theater, you can lose the myriad of remotes that it takes to run your system.  And you can make it simple enough so that even the most techno phobic person in your home will have no trouble running your theater system.

In addition to this, with a Control4 system,  you can do things like, automate the lighting, install IP cameras around your home, distribute audio and video throughout the house, install automated door locks and garage doors, and much more.

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