January 20, 2010

Control4 and Home Theater Steamboat Springs

Home Theater Steamboat Springs. Are people confused when they try to use your home theater?  Are you tired of having a table full of remote controls for all the equipment in your system?  Then you need to check out Control4.  They are a home automation company with products that will simplify your life, and make it fun.  Up to this point, home automation products have been expensive, and have not always performed reliably.  But it is a new day.  Control4 makes products which are affordable and powerful.

With a Control4 system, you will be able to get rid of all of those remotes.  Now, you will have one remote to run you whole Theater, even your whole home if you install other options.  And people who have never used your home theater will be able to come in and use it without any difficulty the very first time they try.

There are a many other options to consider when you install a home theater controller.  You can control your thermostats from any room in the house.  Lights can be automated, put on schedules, timers, and much more.  You can play audio and/or video throughout your home, without any equipment besides speakers and TVs in the room, you can watch IP cameras located throughout you on any TV in your home.

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