June 26, 2019

Control4 OS 3: Packed with Essential Updates

Home automation just received a makeover, and it’s one you won’t want to miss. Control4, our preferred smart home system, recently released its third operating system, aptly named OS 3. If you currently have Control4 installed in your house, or if you’re new to smart home integration, the new operating system offers more intuitive control of your lighting, music, shades, security, and more.

Join us as we highlight OS 3’s new features that will make your lifestyle more efficient. If you’re ready for the new system in your Windsor, CO home, Encore Sight & Sound is your local Control4 dealer who can install the upgrade in no time. Continue reading to learn about five of the most significant updates with this new operating system.

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1) All-New Interface

Everyone loves a new interface update, whether it’s an update to a popular social media platform or even a significant update to the interface of your smartphone. OS 3’s attractive new interface operates much like a smartphone, with fluid and refined transitions and instinctual controls. It’s now easier than ever to transition between rooms, and switching between touchpad, phone, or the SR-260 remote allows you to pick up from where you left off. The sleek new design brings an elevated experience to Control4 that seamlessly blends into your lifestyle, unlike the slightly clunkier interface we previously used.  

2) New ‘Favorites’ Feature

Are you always navigating to the garage icon or adjusting lights in the same rooms? You can now reorganize your Control4 interface with the ‘Favorites’ option. By putting your most frequently used icons on the main screen to show up first, you can quickly reach the devices and rooms you use most.

3) Customizable Wallpapers

Control4 users now have the option to set custom backgrounds on each screen of your smart device. Consider adding a picture of the room or area you’re managing as a background to quickly identify where you’d like to turn devices on or off. In the kitchen, for example, add a picture of your kitchen in the background so you’ll never accidentally click on the wrong room. You can choose from a number of pre-loaded wallpapers or upload your own.

4) At-A-Glance Icons

It is now easier than ever to swiftly check on your home’s devices with OS 3’s interactive icons. In one glance, icons will depict in real-time if your garage door is open, if fans are on or off, doors locked or unlocked, or if lights are illuminated. When you open the screen, you will also only see which devices are currently “on,” so you’ll monitor the state of your home more efficiently, whether you’re heading out for the day or going to sleep.  

5) Upgraded Audio Control 

With the update, OS 3 enables you to see what media is currently playing over your whole-home audio system right from the new active media bar. To add a zone to the music source currently playing, all you have to do now is touch the house icon in the upper right screen and select the room. From there, individually adjust the volume for each speaker, or effortlessly manage the whole house on the sliding bar. When starting audio, OS 3 will show you the quality of the stream, the song title, file format, sample rate, bit depth, and the number of channels connected. 

Ready to experience Control4’s OS 3 for yourself? As a Control4 dealer, Encore Sight & Sound is here to help. Give us a call at (970) 217-7018 or fill out our contact form today!

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