May 29, 2019

Create Dynamic Outdoor Spaces with a Home Control System

The air is warming, the skies are clearing, and soon it will be summer again in Cheyenne, WY. With our few precious months of warm weather a year, it’s best to spend as much time as possible outdoors. We often discuss the ways smart home technology can improve your security, lighting, music and home theaters. But did you know that with a home control system, you can also make your back yard “smart” while still appreciating nature?  

There are several outdoor automation features we’re especially excited for this summer. Continue reading to see how today’s technology can bring your indoor entertainment outside!

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Outdoor Audio & Video

Pool parties, barbeques, or simply relaxing with a book are all better with your favorite tunes dancing through the summer air. Outdoor speakers are built to endure rain, snow, and heat, so you can keep them outside all year long without worry. If you want to maintain a natural look, rock and stone-shaped speakers can discreetly blast your playlists among the hedges. With a smart system like Control4, your speakers will all be synced and can connect to your indoor media.

With an integrated outdoor television, you can enjoy your favorite shows with fresh air by the fire pit and under starry nights. Outdoor TVs are completely weather-proof, reduce glare, and are brighter than indoor TVs. With your home control system, you can control the screen from the same place as your speakers, right from your tablet, phone, or by voice-command.

Exterior Smart Lighting

Illuminate pathways, accentuate your home’s architecture, or keep your yard lit for late-night fun with an outdoor lighting system. Tastefully placed among your landscaping, smart lights are also controllable by your same home control system. Set a timer for outdoor lights to automatically turn on at sundown and turn off in the morning.

Pool & Hot Tub Control

Yes, your home control system can even connect to your pool and hot tub. Going away but don’t want to return to a dirty pool? Turn your filters on and off right from your phone. Adjust the lights and get the heat ready from wherever you are and turn your entire yard’s devices off with one touch of a button. The customization and control are completely up to you!

To learn more about outdoor automation for the best summer ever in Cheyenne, call Encore Sight & Sound at (970) 217-7018, fill out our contact form, or message a member of our team below. We look forward to assisting you soon!  

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