January 27, 2014

Energy Management

All over the country, more people are keeping an eye on their energy consumption for good reason. With energy prices rising, the first step in managing your energy consumption and saving money is to know how much energy you are using in your household. At Encore, we can install a system that is perfect for monitoring and managing your energy output.

The Control4 system gives you a comprehensive readout of all your energy Management usage for your household. With this device, you can see how much energy is being used by which devices in your home. The Control4 system also allows you to adjust your energy usage to cut down on costs. Control4 allows you to program energy usage by device at different times of the day including peak usage periods to help curb your energy usage and save you money every month on energy bills.

Encore not only installs these systems in homes, but businesses as well. Watch your overhead cost shrink and your bottom line grow with the Control4 system, a comprehensive energy monitor installed by the experts at Encore Sight and Sound, here to make your home or business run at top efficiency every day.

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