July 16, 2019

Essential AV Products to Build Your Dream Home Theater

Our Top Picks for Projectors, Screens, and Control System

Going to the movies is fun, but you can always expect a few annoyances: a stranger putting their feet up on the seat; moviegoers on their phones; expensive and sugary food options at the concession stand; and missing the movie while running to the bathroom. With your very own dedicated home theater, you can entertain friends and family in the comfort of your home with any film, food, or intermission you desire.

As the premier home theater installer for Rapid City, SD, we have years of experience building private cinemas. We’ve chosen our top choices for projectors, screens, and a control system, so continue reading to discover the best of the best.

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JVC Projectors

If you’re searching for a film projector that produces vibrant, quality scenes, our pick would have to be JVC. JVC, or the Japan Victor Company, was founded in 1927 and today offers two incredible projector models, the DILA and DLP. The difference between the two is in how an image is projected onto your screen, with a sizable variation in cost.

The DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector uses a bulb for its light source that is reflected from a postage-stamp-sized micromirror device. For every pixel of the display, there is a tiny hinged mirror that either reflects the light or not, depending on its position. DLP uses a color wheel that rotates several thousand times per minute, displaying the correct color as the light reflects. The DLP projectors are available in 1080p resolution and 4K HDR.

At a higher price tag, JVC’s DILA (Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier) projector does not include any moving interior parts, so there is less chance of a breakdown. Comprised of three chips, the DILA projects a picture onto a silicon-based crystal display. Its light source is divided by a polarized beam splitter and reflects off each chip. The result is 4K or 8K e-shift technology, bringing an incredibly clear image to your screen.

Dragonfly Screens

The screen may seem like the least important factor in a home theater system. After all, can’t you project onto a white wall or sheet? Technically, yes, but specific materials and colors create a more precise image with brighter colors for your movies. The amount of ambient light in the room also effects the type of screen you will need.

Luckily, Dragonfly Screens offers five different colors and materials—Ultra Black, Ultra AcoustiWeave, UltraWhite, High Contrast, and Matte White. If there are windows in the room, a screen like the Ultra Black will absorb and reject any ambient light. The AcoustiWeave is acoustically transparent, which means you can hide speakers behind the screen without damping the sound or video quality. Each Dragonfly screen can also be built fixed, motorized, or recessed. That way, you can choose if your screen is always on display or not. 

Da-Lite Screens

Da-Lite, an Indiana screen company, offers additional screen options. Along with electric screens, Da-Lite creates manual-pull screens, rear projection screens, and screens with lace and grommet frames. From there, each version is available in a large number of models, from ‘Cosmopolitan’ to ‘Conference.’ You’ll have a large selection of sizes to choose from, ranging from 92” diagonally to 164”. With even more customization, Da-Lite screens can make your home theater precisely what you imagine. 


Now it’s time to control and simplify your theater system with Control4. From your phone, tablet, remote control, or voice speaker, you can lower the projector, start the movie, turn off the lights, and adjust the sound all at once. You won’t need to fiddle with different remotes and spend half an hour setting up the display. With Control4, it will be as effortless as being a guest in your own theater. Ready to build your dream home theater? Give Encore Sight and Sound a call at (970) 217-7018 or contact us here!

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