January 25, 2010

Fort Collins Home Theater Room

Home Theater Fort Collins. What is the most important component in a home theater sound system? If you said the room, then you are correct. This has been an area of much discussion and research. I have attended many hours of expensive training on this subject. Here, and in a article to come, I will give a brief synopsis of pertinent issues.

The biggest challenge for any home theater system is the problem of room modes. Room modes happen because the room is shorter than bass (20-200hz) wavelengths. Consequently, these bass frequencies are reflected back into the room where they mix with the original wavelength. This causes cancellation or mixing of these frequencies.

How do we deal with this problem of room modes? Most importantly, by designing the home theater room with the right dimensions. With the right shape, we can make big improvements in the sound of the room. We can also solve the room mode by installing absorptive materials and putting the speakers in the ideal locations.

In an upcoming article we will look at several other issues which pertain to the sound of the home theater system as influenced by the room itself.

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