December 28, 2017

Here’s How Easy It Is to Manage Your Control4 Smart Home

Do you know how to drive stick?

For some, manual transmissions are the only way to have any fun driving a car. For others, it’s their worst nightmare.  And it seems like the market has taken the latter’s side: most automobiles are built with automated transmissions.

But why is that, if the stick shift is so much more rewarding?

The answer is simple: nobody wants to learn how to have fun.  They just want to drive.  The same goes for smart home control in your Windsor, CO property. And if you have a Control4 home, it’s even easier to get past the “learn” phase and go straight to the fun!

Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it. All you have to do is keep reading.

Take Command Anywhere with the Control4 App

Say you’ve just gotten yourself a cool, new iPhone X.  It does just about everything you could want – well unless you want to plug in your earbuds.

So why aren’t you using it to control your smart home?

You already enjoy total, customized control over every device in your home via built-in wall touch panels and buttons – but with those, you’re not getting the full Control4 experience.

The Control4 App is available for iOS in the App Store, and for Android devices on Google Play.  The best part? The designers at Control4 have gone to great lengths to make sure the interface remains intuitive no matter which device you use it on.

You won’t have to re-learn how to dim your lights or lock up the house, just tap a digital button and it all happens at once.

Plus, there’s even a version available for your Apple Watch. If you’re into wearable tech, there’s never been a more convenient way to enjoy smart home control!


Control4 and Alexa: A Smarter Smart Home

Of course, it’s 2017. You don’t just want an app. You want voice control – and Amazon Echo is one of the hottest smart home components available today.

Most recently, the online retailer has even started making waves with the Echo Plus, which they claim is an effective smart home hub.

But Control4 isn’t just about connecting your devices. It’s about making them part of your lifestyle.

To integrate Alexa (the Echo’s voice-control platform), Control4 engineers didn’t just stop at the plug-and-play option.  They made sure you could speak to your home like it was a member of your family.

Instead of saying “Alexa, dim the lights by 60 percent,” you can say, “Alexa, tell Control4 it’s too dark.”

Your smart system will then figure out how much to raise or lower the lights, whether or not to raise the shades and how to apply any other integrated tech to make you more comfortable.

The Echo is a smart device, but Control4 makes for a truly smart home.

Have even more questions about simple smart home control?  We’re here to help!  Here’s a free, easy and fast way to let us know what you need. Just click below.

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