November 30, 2017

Here’s How Immersive Audio Takes Your Home Theater to the Next Level

What are the two most important aspects of your home theater?

If your answer is the picture and the sound, we know you’re serious about enjoying your movies and sports in the best-possible quality.

But while plenty of homeowners find it easy to upgrade with a 4K Ultra HD display, fewer focus on their surround sound installation.

Of course, you don’t have to be a die-hard audiophile to appreciate quality sound design. And it may be just the thing you need to completely transform your Rapid City, SD home theater experience.

Here, we’ll show you how immersive audio can vastly improve the time you spend in your home theater. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

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What Makes Audio Immersive?

What’s the difference between surround sound and immersive audio? The former sounds great, while the latter transports you into the world of your content.

An immersive, or 3D, speaker configuration is similar to a typical surround sound setup in that it features speakers in front of, to the sides of and behind the listener.

But what makes it special is the addition of two or more overhead units that add a new dimension to the audio profile.

Also, the formatting of the sound source is upgraded.

Historically, each sound you hear is locked to a specific speaker, or “channel.” With an immersive system, the sounds aren’t locked to any specific speakers. Instead they move around your home theater as if they were objects.

The combination of overhead components and “sound objects” creates a sphere of sound around the listener, making it the most realistic audio you’ll ever hear in your home theater.

Is Your Theater Big Enough to Enjoy Immersive Audio?

One of the big promises of a well-designed immersive audio system is that it can make your home cinema sound like a commercial movie theater. But that means you need a big space to enjoy it, right?

The answer is no. You can enjoy a fully immersive setup in just about any room.

With systems as small as 5.1.2, you can enjoy totally 3D surround sound in your garage, basement or attic – you don’t need a huge room for it!

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