January 12, 2014

Home Automation

Make your home the most high tech building on the block. We can set up your home to run on autopilot for you. From customized remotes to booming sound systems for the whole house, Encore Sight and Sound has the personnel and the experience to help you bring your house into the 21st century. Encore offers free on site consultation to set you up with the latest in audio and video technology. If you have had a dream about an incredible addition to your home—a home theater or theater quality screens and speakers, for example—contact Encore to make it happen. Our team of experts, complete with forty-six years of experience in professional audio and construction, can deck out your home the way you have always wanted for a reasonable price.

Get a free consultation for whatever your home audio and video fancy. With our extensive experience in installation and work with all of the major audio and video brands, we can work with you to realize your ultimate home entertainment dream. Encore’s staff members are constantly educating themselves in the ever changing world of home audio and video luxury. If you want to upgrade your home’s technology, make sure your first call is to Encore Sight and Sound.

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