November 29, 2018

Home Lighting Control Can Transform Your Home for the Holidays

One of the joys of the holiday season is having family and friends over to celebrate together, marking the passing of another year by surrounding yourself with the people you care about most. If you're the person hosting this year's festivities, one of the ways you can ‘wow’ your guests and simplify your entertaining routine is with home lighting control, giving you new opportunities to create the perfect holiday atmosphere.

Keep reading to learn about how home lighting control can enhance holiday gatherings in your Windsor home this season.

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Lighting Changes With The Party

A holiday party is an active event that has a lot of different stages. There's the welcoming portion, where guests filter into your home and get comfortable. Some are going to gather in the living room around the TV; others are going to head to the kitchen to help with meal prep. The atmosphere changes again when it's time to eat, and again when it's time to open presents, and again at the end of the day when you put on a movie while everyone digests their meal.

With home lighting control, all it takes is the push of a button to adjust the lighting configuration in your home for these different phases of the party. Welcome guests to your home by having them walk into a foyer lit with a warm glow and strings of Christmas lights. Have brighter lights on in the kitchen so that everyone can see what they need to do transform your Holidays , and then dim those lights once the prep is done and mealtime begins. When everyone is ready for the movie, push a button to dim lights everywhere else and create the ideal viewing environment.

Your home lighting control system can also help save you money by allowing you to adjust the brightness of your lights in each room, which lowers energy usage. You can easily monitor that consumption from your smart home control app, and make necessary changes to reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Paint Your Home With Light

With smart full-spectrum LED bulbs, you gain access to all the colors of the rainbow for your home lighting control system. For your Thanksgiving festivities, you can fill your space with autumnal yellows, oranges, and red, evoking the palette of a forest filled with leaves changing color. Make those same lights red and green for Christmas or blue and white for Hanukkah. When Easter swings around, create a bright spring atmosphere with soft pastels; go red, white, and blue for Independence Day; and get spooky for Halloween with orange and purple light.

If you don’t want to hang Christmas lights along the outside of your house, you can still add some holiday spirit to your architectural and landscape lighting by changing the color of the bulbs in those fixtures to seasonal hues.

Want to learn more about what a home lighting control system can do for your Windsor, CO home? Reach out to one of our experts by calling 970-217-7018 or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.

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