February 3, 2010

Home Theater Cabling Denver

Home Theater Cabling Denver.  Is it smart to spend all the money that the high dollar cables go for? Frequently sales people will tell you that you get a better picture/audio with the pricey cables. Time after time, this has been proven to be false.

Cable length and gauge are items to consider. When the cable length is longer, heavier gauge digital (digital audio and HDMI digital audio) and and analog cabling (RCA and speaker) should be used. But you don’t have to chose the expensive brands to get a higher gauge. One other point to consider is the quality of the connectors. Make sure to check to see that the connectors are well made.

Do a Google search, and you will come up with lots of information. Or give us a call, and we will help you to be sure you spend your money wisely

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