January 22, 2010

Home Theater Cheyenne Room Design

Home Theater Cheyenne. When discussing room layout, we are often asked how to create a surround sound environment in living or great room.  The truth is that this can almost never be accomplished.  The reason for this is because the room has a different purpose.  The purpose of the room will dictate its design.  Unless a room is designed for surround sound, it will rarely succeed as a movie theater audio environment.

The best direction would be to create a quality stereo experience in the living room, and choose another room for the surround sound experience.  This room needs to be designed with surround sound in mind.  That does not mean it must be used exclusively for home theater.  It does mean that the chairs can be positioned in proper relationship to the video display and speakers.  It means that the speakers can be located in appropriate locations.  If you fail to take into account the design requirements of a surround sound environment, then you will not succeed in creating that movie theater experience.  Give us a call for a consultation about the opportunities your home can have.

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