February 16, 2010

Home Theater Denver Plasma VS. LCD

Home Theater Denver.  IS LCD better than plasma, or vice versa?  This is a very complex, technically oriented question.  If you want to get all the details, do a google search.  Here is a quick summary.

Plasma:  They have better contrast, and can display deeper blacks.  They have a better viewing angle.  They have no motion blur with sports and action content.  And they are usually somewhat cheaper than lcd for the same screen size.

LCD.  They are usually better for a bright room because their screens don’t reflect as badly and they have a brighter display.  They use less power than plasma, but the difference is smaller now than it ever has been.

Which one is better?  That question will probably answered by another question.  What kind of a room are you going to put the tv into?  Bright room = lcd, light controlled room = plasma.  That is an over simplification, but generally this will be the outcome in most situations.

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