February 16, 2010

LCD vs. Plasma TVs for Your Home Theater

Home Theater Fort Collins.  LCD vs. Plasma & TVs.  Which is better.  This could be a very detailed and technical article, explaining the details and fine points of each technology.  Do a search and you will find all sorts of information.  Some of it biased towards a certain sale, and some of it fairly honest and reliable.  Here is a quick synopsis.

LCD:  Brighter than plasma typically.  Better for bright environments because the screen is not so reflective.  Usually less power consumption.

Plama:  Usually a bit cheaper for the same size.  They have a better viewing angle.  Better at displaying the deepest blacks and contrast is better.  Motion blur is not a problem for plasmas as it is for LCDs.

Which is better will be determined by the application.  What environment will the TV be placed into?  This is should determine which is best for your situation.

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