January 22, 2010

Home Theater in Denver

Home Theater Denver. When we are talking with our clients about TV sound in their living room, we are often asked how they can incorporate surround sound into the room.  The best answer is that you rarely can incorporate a true surround sound experience into a living room.  There is a very simple reason for this.  The living room is almost never designed with surround sound in mind.  That is because that room has a different and more important function, and it does not really include creating a theater like space.

Our advice is that you should instead focus on creating quality stereo sound in the living room.  There are design requirements for creating surround sound in a room.  If you ignore these, you will not succeed in creating a theater like audio environment.  If you desire a surround experience, then move that focus to another room, ideally a dedicated theater room.  If that is not feasible, then choose a location where the design of the room can include the required conditions for a home theater.  Give us a call for a consultation on where to best setup a surround sound environment in your home.

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