January 21, 2010

Home Theater Steamboat Spings and your TV

Home Theater Steamboat Springs. I am often asked if it really helps to calibrate a TV. Yes, it most certainly does. There are many reasons for this. By calibrating your TV, you will see the image that the artist intended you to see. This is the best picture.

If you try to do by your eye, you will not be able to get the kind of TV setup that gives you the best picture. Most TVs have been setup to show themselves best in a very bright store environment. They don’t care about presenting an image which is true to the artists intention, or to real life. They are more concerned about differentiating their TV from the competition. That means brighter and more contrasty settings on the Spings & TV.

The brightest picture is not the best picture. You will not see the details darker parts of the picture, the colors will not be accurately adjusted or saturated, and the picture may appear to fuzzier or not as sharp as it should be.

By calibrating the TV, you will see the image as the artist intended you to see it. Now you will be seeing the best picture. And you will add to the life of the bulb or TV and save energy too. So by all means, calibrate your TV.

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