November 24, 2014

Home Theater Systems Add Value to Your Home

In some parts of the country, prospective house buyers are looking for homes with a theater already installed. In fact, it’s expected in some high-end markets. There are several reasons for this new demand. One is that more books are being produced for handheld devices, such as the Kindle and iPad, and people don’t need to store as many books in their homes. Instead of libraries, many homeowners are opting for home theaters.

Another reason some people consider the addition of a home theater is the added equity to their home. Expensive apartments in Brooklyn, for example, sell sometimes for $600 per square foot, with a new home theater installed, some sellers are making as much as $850 per square foot. You might not live in the Hamptons or Brooklyn, but adding a home theater to your home can still add serious value to your property.

Not all home theater systems are created equal, however. When considering the investment of a home theater system, it’s important to contact the most knowledgeable home theater specialists available. This is one area you don’t want to cut corners. Getting your home theater professionally installed can prevent many costly mistakes on features you may not want or need. The amount of value added to your home from a home theater system increases as long as the home theater is designed well. A common misconception is that you need a huge space. Features such as room isolation, atmospheric lighting, and comfortable seats add to your home theater experience, and are just as important when determining the value a home theater will add to your property. Think about the overall user experience of the design.

If you still have questions, give us a call. Encore Sight and Sound is happy to determine what you needs are and provide a fair and precise quote. Add value to your home with a home theater system from Encore Sight and Sound.

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