January 21, 2010

Home Theaters for Denver info

Home Theater Denver. A question we are often asked is whether or not it is really important to calibrate your TV. The answer is yes, for a variety of reasons. The goal of calibration is to achieve an accurate representation of what the content creator intended you to see.

You can “do it by your eye,” but it will be virtually impossible for you to set the TV up in way which achieves its full potential. Most TVs are setup to look their “best” in a show room. And in a bright environment, best means brightest. Accuracy is not important to the manufacturer. They simply want you to notice their TV when it sits next to other TVs on the show room floor.

Unfortunately, brightest is not best because you will lose all sorts of detail which will prevent you from seeing the picture the content creator intended you to see. You will not see the colors with the proper balance or saturation. And the details in the picture will be washed out.

Home Theater Denver. With a proper calibration, you will be seeing the best possible picture. The one that the artist wanted you to see when they created the video image. You will also extend the life of your TV or projector bulb in your home theater and see a significant reduction in the energy usage. So by all means, calibrate your TV

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