December 15, 2015

How Conducting an Energy Audit Could Save You Money

Many people pay their energy bill month without stopping to think where the money is going. If you’re like most homeowners, you are likely paying for energy that quickly escapes your home. A quick and effective way to save money is to conduct an energy audit. Similar to a financial audit, an energy audit examines your home to see how energy is being used and if there are any discrepancies in energy production and use. Energy audits can be done by a professional or on your own and can pinpoint areas of you home that use the most energy, which can direct you towards ways to solve the problem and lower for costs. For example, an energy audit can reveal that a large percentage of your heat is escaping through drafty windows or that your light bulbs use lots of energy. These discoveries can lead to energy changes, such as installing new windows or switching to LED light bulbs.

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