September 10, 2019

How Home Lighting Control Simplifies Back to School for Your Family

Let Smart Lighting Make the School Days Run Smoothly

With school getting back into full swing, it can be hard readjusting to the new daily routine after the leisurely and relaxing pace of summer. But the start of a new school year doesn’t have to mean late, groggy mornings and rushed days for you and your family.

Get your kids and the whole family on track with smart home lighting control in place at your Fort Collins, CO living space. Learn how this simplifies smart solution can help you manage the entire household and survive the early AM wake-up calls by reading on below.

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Getting Ready in the Morning

Waking up to a dark room in the morning can keep your kids snoozing, and even cause you to resist getting up from your comfy bed. Now your lights can slowly turn on in the early hours of the day with your lighting and dimmers set the previous day.

You can schedule your lighting system to function accordingly on the weekdays only, delivering light to your bedroom and bathroom and your kids’ bedrooms, starting dimmed and slowly brightening to wake everyone up completely.

Set your lights to turn on before the kids’ lights, so you can get up and prep their lunchboxes or any other tasks pre-school day. Once you’ve left your bedroom, lights can turn on down the hallway and on your way to the kitchen, guiding your path to where you’ll be spending the majority of the morning.

Prepare lunches and pack bags in a warm, glowing light that matches the accompanying sunrise. This pleasant atmosphere helps you slowly wake up and get ready to eat breakfast with the family once they’ve made their way downstairs. You’ll find yourself more energized, and less likely to grab to-go breakfast bars as everyone rushes out the door.

Kids Will Arrive Safely Back Home

Sometimes the end of a school day can cause as much hassle as the beginning of one. If you work past when your kids’ school day ends, you need to consider how they’ll return to your more-than-likely empty home.

Now you can integrate your lighting control with your Control4 security system to ensure the kids arrive home safe and sound. You can schedule lights to turn on in the afternoons when they are on the bus so that when they walk into the house, it’ll feel welcoming and like home as usual.

If you don’t get home until much later in the evening, you can schedule the outdoor lights to turn on. This prevents intruders from coming near your home and it makes surveillance camera footage easy to view whether you’re watching in real-time or from previously captured footage.

Your kids can feel comfortable within your brightly lit home, not finding parts of the dark home scary or uninviting, unless you limit the spaces that they’re allowed to enter. Keep off-limits areas dark and unlit until you arrive back home. Remove any obstacles from the beginning and end of a school day with a home lighting control system. Want to find out more about this smart solution? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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