December 31, 2018

How to Get the Most of Your Whole Home Audio System

We’re used to having music with us wherever we go thanks to our smartphones and streaming services that give us access to millions of songs in the palm of our hands. Listening to your favorite tunes through headphones might be great for when you’re on the go, but when you’re at home, you want to be able to have that same heightened level of access while listening to your music out loud.

A whole house audio system makes this possible by putting speakers in any room you want to hear music in, giving you control over all these individual audio components through a centralized smart home control system. Keep reading to learn about how you can make the most of the whole house audio system in your Windsor, CO home.

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In-Wall Speakers Eliminate Clutter

One of the concerns about whole house audio systems is space, and you don’t want unsightly sound equipment in every room. The solution is having your speakers installed directly into your walls and ceilings, which allows you to have high-performance sound without compromising your interior design. These speakers sound beautiful while staying out of sight, and you’ll impress your guests when they hear music without any visible equipment.

The experts at Encore Sight & Sound examine the acoustics in each space and determine the best locations to install audio equipment in your walls so that you get full sound coverage anywhere in the room. We can even install subwoofers inside your wall to make your audio even fuller, which brings us to our next topic.

Subwoofers Add Emotion To Sound

Think about your most memorable listening experience. Chances are these were live concerts, which stick in your memory because the comprehensive sound systems immerse you in sound that you don’t just hear but feel in your bones. The resonant lower frequencies of music intensify emotion because of this physical sensation, and having a sound system with a powerful low end will change how you engage with old favorites and new discoveries.

Subwoofers will give you the booming bass that enriches your audio. But subwoofers do more than just boost the lower frequencies; they also help your other speakers sound better. Most speakers are optimized for higher frequencies, and amping up the bass puts stress on the equipment that can cause significant damage. By having subwoofers as part of your whole house audio system, you make your speakers sound better because they can stay within their optimal frequency range.

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