January 30, 2014

More Information about Control4

Control4 can do more than control your energy output during the day. It can help you conserve energy by allowing you to turn your lights off or on from anywhere in the world from your phone. Sometimes when you are rushing out the door to get to work, you forget to turn the lights off. Everyone does this at some point. But now with Control4 systems, you don’t have to kick yourself later when you look at your energy bill. Turn your lights off from the office with Control4. That’s not all you can control from remote locations. Turn your thermostat up or down, open or close your garage doors. Virtually any automated system in your house you can control with Control4 remotely. You can even link into your home surveillance system as well. All you need is an internet connection and the smarts to contact Encore today.

Get the automation you want with Encore Sight and Sound. We are here to install the most complex home automation systems just for your personal use in your home. Get control of your house and your energy consumption with a Control4 system installed by the home automation experts at Encore.

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