November 29, 2017

What to Look for in a Top-Notch Smart Home Company

Perhaps you’re ready for new smart technology upgrades to your home and are looking to take the initial steps required.  You might do some brief research, but ultimately call the first contractors who pop up at the top of your internet search.

But after all is said and done, you could be left with sloppy work, messy wiring, and systems you don’t even know how to use.  You are back to square one, while also having to deal with redoing everything. Sounds like a nightmare, right? It doesn’t have to be that way though.

You need a smart home company that puts your needs first, and one that gets the job done correctly the first time around.  But the big question is this: how do you know which company is the right one?

Our recommendation is to look for a few key traits when you’re choosing a company to service your Cheyenne, WY home.


Here’s What Makes an Excellent Contractor:

1. Experience

Smart technology isn’t rocket science, but it definitely isn’t simple either!  The intricate systems require vast experience to get them right, so you want whoever’s working on your home to have done the service plenty of times before.

A company that’s been around for at least a decade knows what they’re doing, and most likely maintains quality customer relationships.  The installation process is not the only time to work with a company.  After everything is set up, you’ll want to have a way to contact your contractor, so you don’t want someone unreliable or shifty who will disappear.

2. Past Work

The proof is in the hard work and what they have to show for it!  It’s important to see some form of evidence that the smart home company of your choice lives up to their good name, and sometimes word-of-mouth just isn’t enough.

Asking to see positive testimonials from their clients and photos showing examples of their work is a great way to make sure they’re the real deal.  You can see what the company is capable of as well as get ideas as to how their setups and technology could work in your own spaces.

3. Full Service

Maybe right now you’re just thinking of adding whole home audio to your property, and you’re not quite ready for lighting control or motorized shades yet.  Then a year later – you start to think you could really use those automated fixtures.

You don’t want to have to find a brand new company simply because your previous one only specializes in audio video integration.  Then you’d once again be back to the drawing board and countless internet searches!

Make sure from the start that your company of choice offers full smart home services.  You can make lots of automated additions now, or save them for later – and can always depend on the same company for them all.

Choosing a smart home company should all revolve around what you need and how they’ll help you get there.  When you’re ready to start your research, we’re happy to provide examples of our work, services, and experience!

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