October 15, 2019

Make Your Home Smarter with Innovative Technology and Features

Smart Home Automation Simplifies Your Lifestyle

You might feel as though a “smart home” innovative is a concept reserved for the future – something you as a homeowner don’t need. But there’s nothing farther from the truth. The future is now, and smart home automation is enhancing and adding value to homeowners’ lives every day.

But do you know how you can make your Rapid City, CO home “smarter?” Smart home technology can elevate every part of your day and every aspect of your lifestyle – in this blog, we’ll cover what its many benefits are and how to incorporate them into your daily routine.

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Defining Smart Home Automation

So, what does smart automation mean for your home? It means having every device and technology throughout your property connected and communicating with each other to better serve you and your family. With smart automation and control, you can have your devices work on their own based on how you have them scheduled or setup – or, you can also manually control them with just a press of a button. Smart home automation is that simple. Below, we’ll dive into the various must-have features that can take your home to the next level in brand-new ways.

Lighting Control & Motorized Shades

Automated window treatments and a lighting control system won’t just add convenience and comfort to your life; they will also help you save energy and lower your monthly HVAC costs. Shades provide insulation from both heat and cold weather, giving your home the perfect atmosphere all year round. This also gives your HVAC system a break, ensuring your bills don’t skyrocket.

Set timers for your light fixtures to shut on and off at specific times or install motion sensors that can detect when the last person has left the room and will shut the lights off, so they don’t go unused in an unoccupied space. Then, they can turn back on when someone walks back in.

Create ambiance with dimmed lighting and lowered shades. Shades prevent glare on your TV while you’re enjoying movie night, and blackout shades can immerse you in total darkness for an incredible film-viewing experience. A lighting and shading system can truly illuminate endless possibilities in your home.

Home Entertainment

Whether you have family and friends over for a gathering or party or you’re ready for a night in, upgrading your home entertainment can make any situation memorable. A dedicated home theater can transport you into a film scene and make you feel like you’re at the local town cinema.

With comfy seating, standing loudspeakers, and surround sound, a home theater is the perfect place for a movie night, TV show marathon, or streaming your favorite titles on Netflix or Hulu. But what if you want a space that can serve multiple situations? A multi-purpose media room can accommodate a casual get-together or a viewing of the big game. With hidden AV technology, you can enjoy high-quality performance without sacrificing your interior design and aesthetics. That’s the power of smart AV solutions.

Total Home Control

When your entire smart home is streamlined and connected to one centralized source, you can control every feature and solution with just a tap. Using a smart device of your choice, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or wall keypad, you can manage every smart system in your house. Easy-to-use interfaces and apps mean controlling your smart home hassle-free every time. Making your home smarter is easier than ever with technologies that will simplify your day-to-day life. Find out more about these solutions and how they can benefit you by giving our team a call or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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