April 19, 2019

Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Home Audio System

We’ve seen it all when it comes to high end audio mistakes—enough to fill a book (or at least a blog post). If you’re considering a new audio system in your Greeley, CO home, you have lots to anticipate. A high-quality whole home audio system will change the way you entertain, relax, and experience music forever. Party guests will be able to walk through your house enjoying the same tunes room to room, and with in-wall and ceiling speakers, you won’t have to endure the bulky appearance of speakers and wires among the furniture.

But installing these systems isn’t easy--there are always common errors that occur during home audio installation projects. Continue reading to prevent running into the same mistakes!

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Not Installing Enough Speakers

Installing high end speakers in your living and media room may seem like enough, but there are many more possibilities when your entire house is connected. With integrated speakers in your kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms and even outdoors, friends and family can enjoy your playlists room to room.

Plus, everyone in the family can enjoy their favorite media simultaneously in different areas. Beyoncé on the patio, Weezer in the living room, Coldplay upstairs—it’s all possible when there are high-end speakers in each area.Leaving System Components Disconnected

With today’s modern technology, there’s no reason to have a pile of remotes for your different devices. Each speaker in your audio system should be controllable by the same tablet, phone, or remote, using an interface like Control4's to play audio from any room effortlessly. If the kids are blasting music in the basement while you have company over, you can lower it from the kitchen in just one command.

Choosing the Wrong Speakers

Even if your speakers are correctly assembled and connected, if they’re low quality, a tinny sound or sub-par bass will defeat the experience. And if you’re looking for surround sound in your home theater or media room, sound bars that promise virtual surround sound may not do the trick for such a large space. Speaking with an audio expert and learning more about speaker options will help you find the right equipment for your home.

Arranging Rooms Improperly

For the best sound results, avoid organizing speakers haphazardly. Ideally, wall speakers should be situated around the listener’s ear height. In rooms with high ceilings and hard floors, be sure to add textures like cork boards, tapestries, and carpets so that your new audio system doesn’t produce an echo.

Using Cheap Wiring and Cables

Another common misstep is not installing the correct wiring ahead of system setups. Cheap cables going far distances won’t work well to provide the most reliable connections. Installation can be complicated to master on your own, which leads us to our next error…

Not Calling Professionals for Help

Home audio systems can be complicated, and attempting to DIY will add a lot of guesswork and errors to the process. A professional knows the best way to arrange sound zones in your house, prevent ceiling speakers from carrying noise upstairs, and connect each device to the same system. It will save you several headaches and frustration to let an audio expert help.

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